Hermanas Beach Resort

Resort / Spa / Villa Residences

We are a private group of individuals building our own resort as we as our dream to live in the beach. We wish to share our dream to the selected few who wants to have a piece of beachfront property as they dream of it as well thus we are sharing a portion of our property for the Hermanas Resort Villa Residences

This is a property owned beachfront community . We have beachfront lots where one can build his or her own dream beach house. They can build their choice of beach house from villas, pre fab houses, and even glamping facilities.


Infinity Pool
Children’s Playground

Your Dream Staycation

Hermanas Villas & Resort is primarily designed as your dream home, or a vacation residence in a dreamy beach front location where families can enjoy and create memories together. We’ve noticed that Filipinos usually build their dream vacation home after retirement, and get to enjoy this with their grandchildren only then. With this development, we want to allow them to do that earlier in their lives when their own kids are younger and they are more active. It’s never too early to make a real-estate investment, and Hermanas Villas & Resort Residences, while exclusive, will be reasonably positioned in terms of investment.


Beach House Catalog

Villa: Matthew

Pre Fab House: Matthew (1 Bedroom) Floor Area: 25 sqm. Min. Lot Size: 75 sqm.

You have shared your talents and gave your best. The kids are doing okay, and God is smiling.  A job well done.  Now you may relax, cause you deserve it.  Enjoy the breeze in your own beachfront, while the time away casually with the missus, and gaze gratefully at the stars at night. Life is good.

Staycation, vacation, or blissful retirement.

It’s your call.


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